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Happy halloween to you all! I hope you enjoy this date as much as I do, even though in my country is not celebrate it so much -_-

But anyways, my halloween video is finally in (close call), and I´m so happy I could finish in time hehehe

I posted on my youtube channel, so go check it out when you have some time:


That´s all guys!


Sad News =////

2014-10-27 20:28:40 by berntales

Hey guys....

I come here today with some quite sad news........

Unfortunately, due to lack of people to work with me (and also lack of hard work from myself), my halloween animation "Halloween in Brazil" won't be complete in time for october 31st....

I should have predicted, but anyways.....

I'm already planning on a new video, with less script and details, but I still hope it fits a good pattern of quality =)


That's it for today guys.... sorry about this =lllll

New GG Uploaded!!!

2014-10-25 20:41:08 by berntales

Hey Guys!!!

Hope you had an awesome week as I did.... My soccer team is ruling and all of that xDDDDDDDDDDD

Anyhouseman.... I just uploaded my first Game Grumps Animated YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!

On youtube, it's called "Game Grumps Animated: Multiple Voices", but the name is too long to fit in the Newgrounds website, sooooo it's just called "Game Grumps: Voice"


It's also one of the longest animations I did so far, so I hope you enjoy it!!!!!!! =DDDDDDDDDD

Voice Actors Needed HEHEH

2014-10-24 21:58:11 by berntales

Hey guys....

Well.... simple as it can be.... as I am a brazilian, I don't have many people near me to help with the audio aspect, mostly on giving voice and life to my characters....



Is you are a voice actor, or know anybody who is, please contact me so we can work on some projects together!!!!



That's it, that's all..... buy all =BBBBBBBB

Halloween video in progress!

2014-10-23 21:21:51 by berntales

Hey guys!

Already working on the sketches of my video for halloween

Here are some of the images I've done so far: 


That's it for today hehe

Thanks for readind! Stay AWESOMEEEEE!!!!!! =BBBBBBBBB

3rd Animation Uploaded!!!!

2014-10-22 21:52:29 by berntales

Hey guys!

Quick message hehe


I just uploaded my third animation, starring Ellie from the game "The last of Us'. I think you might like it, so check it out!!!! =DDDDDDD

Never forgetting that you can check out this and all of the animations I did so far on my youtube channel:



That's it, that's all.... BAH BAAAAEEEEEEHHHH!!!! =B

Hey guys and girls!!!!!!!

Not much going on today, no special posts or anything =///


So I figured that maybe I could right about the script I just wrote for an animation, which I should release on halloween (hopefully), called "Halloween in Brazil'', I'm gonna post it on my youtube channel first, so keep an eye out =BBB

But to the point.... the story is about an old lady who got terrified by two kids who were at her door with their halloween costumes. As she didn't know what halloween actually was (many people know what it is in Brazil, but only a few know how to celebrate it..... sad), she thought that two little monsters were trying to attack her, when they were actually just yelling "TRICK OR TREATS"


I think is gonna be a good animation, and the ending is pretty laughable (Unfortunately I can't say it, right?!?!?! xD)

As I didn't started drawing digitally (only on paper), I don't have any thing ready for uploading in this post... sorry =///

But throughout this week and the next I should keep you guys updated! =BBBB

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!! Stay AWE..... oh, you know what you already are xD

Couple in Bed - Step by Step

2014-10-20 20:08:37 by berntales

Hey Everybody!!!!

Hot in your country???? I'm sure is not as hot as it is in Brazil yaaaaaaaaay (fuckin...)

Well, I just uploaded one of my drawings, and I figured I could also make a post with all the steps it took for me to finish....

Not a MAAAAAASSSSTEEERRPIIIEEEECEEEEE..... but kinda cool, sooooo..... check it out:





Thanks for reading!!!! Stay AAAAAWEEESOOOOOOMEEEE =BBB


My second animation

2014-10-19 20:07:14 by berntales


Just wanna say I uploaded my second ever animation... again, very simple and a little stupid hehe

Hope you guys like it

And if you wanna check it out the animation on my channel, as well as the other ones I already uploaded, visit me on youtube:


Thank you guys! Stay awesome xDDD


2014-10-18 22:28:08 by berntales

I just wanna say... I've been using this website these past couple of days, and it has been a wild adventure so far xDDDD

Well, I'm not that old (only 19yo lol), but it already feels nostalgic to be in a gaming site, since it has been 4 or 5 years since I've been to one... I use to play tons of games from Armor Games, and some from miniclip. And in terms of drawing style and coolness, I think Nitrome is in the top (Just my opinion, it's totally cool if it differs from yours =P)

Anyway, if anyone is actually reading these posts (HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO???!!!???!!!), why don't you tell me in the comments which online game or gaming site is in your top list?!?!?! =BBBBB


That's it, that's all.... SEEEEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!